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Building A More Perfect Union Together At Home, In Your Community, State and Nation

Striving For A More Perfect Union is one of our nation's Highest Ideas. It is very important for us to realize that although sometimes this elusive goal seems to be just out of our reach, the important thing to remember is that striving for the goal is so important.

We should never lose sight of that, Imperfect but trying. Striving for a more perfect union is as American as apple pie. As we seek to reflect on our past interactions with others we can look to the future to heal these old wounds with our family and friends, neighbors, and coworkers, we can think about how we can help our communities and nation. Often it takes hard work as many of us do not see eye to eye however empathetic conversation acknowledging the person's feelings is often the first step on the right path back on track. Eye contact, a smile, a greeting, and a friendly gesture can make all of the difference at times.

Just by chance, I stumbled on a reminder that our nation's 250th Anniversary is coming up on July 4, 2026. In 2021 Congress established the U.S Semiquincentennial Commission and America250 Foundation Celebrating 250 years of the American spirit - America250 to set up events over the next 5 years they will prepare for the big day. It takes this long since there are so many people in the country and coordinating such a commemorative date can not be done on the fly. It will take 5 years of conversations between groups to begin the healing process that has been sorely missed for so long. The are many cultural groups, religious groups, and nationalities and there are bound to be many competing interests and needs. We however stay close to our many goals of life liberty and the pursuit of happiness, and so many more.

The US Semiquincentennial Commission is preparing for the most inclusive

July 4, 2026, is our nation's 250th Anniversary and everyone is invited. So I hope you make plans to get involved in our national project to celebrate our country by reflecting on our past 250 years, celebrating our present, and looking forward to our future 250 years. You may enjoy participating in one of the upcoming celebrating America events. You can watch it at home or online. There are many interesting historical places you can take a fun trip to with your family.

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