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Workshops for Parents
and Child Educators.

The goal of the "How to Talk So Kids Will Listen" Group workshop is to give you practical, effective methods of communication that will make your relationship with children of all ages less stressful and more rewarding.


You will learn how to:

  • Discipline without hurting or alienating.

  • Cope with your child's negative feelings.

  • Engage your child's willing cooperation.

  • Help your child develop a realistic and positive self-image.

  • Foster an atmosphere of love and respect.

  • Resolve conflicts peacefully.​

The goal of the "Siblings without Rivalry" Group Workshop is to help you help your children learn to live together.  During each session, you will learn and practice specific skills that reduce friction and make harmony possible. 


You'll find out how to: 

  • Help children express negative feelings without hurting each other.

  • Treat children unequally and still be fair.

  • Free your child from harmful roles such as "bully" or "victim."

  • Respond helpfully when children fight.  

  • Promote an atmosphere of cooperation rather than competition.

  • Resolve conflicts peacefully.


Press Release:  For Immediate Release
(ONLINE/ZOOM)  New parenting group workshops, based
on the best selling books How To Talk So Kids 
Will Listen and Siblings Without Rivalry will start soon to be
led by Michelle Rosenthal, LMSW. Certificates of 
Completion will be awarded to attendees at the conclusion
of the program. 
Parents will learn proven skills, such as how to set limits
while maintaining goodwill, cope with child's negative
feelings, express anger without hurting, engage their
child's willing cooperation, and help their child become
caring and responsible.  Parents will also learn how to
resolve conflicts peacefully and create a family atmosphere
of love and respect.

"Parents are on the firing-line seven days per week. Yet
few of them have had any training for this demanding job. 
No wonder even the most well-intentioned parents often find
themselves feeling frustrated, bewildered, guilty or alone" 
said Adele Faber and Elaine Mazlish, award-winning authors
of the books and the programs. These workshops will give
parents a chance to learn
practical new sills and exchange ideas and experiences with
each other.

Hundreds of thousands of parents and professionals have
benefited from these workshops.  In studies, one in
Wisconsin, and the other in Colorado and  North Dakota,
researchers found that attending parents developed skills
that significantly,-- and lastingly--improved the quality of
their family life.  They also found that these newly found skills
worked equally well with children of all ages.      



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Join the celebrated workshops and book clubs based on How To Talk So Kids Will Listen & Listen So Kids Will Talk By Award-Winning Authors Adele Faber and Elaine Mazlish.

What The How To Talk So Kids Will Listen Group Workshop Sessions Cover: 

1.  Helping Children Deal With       

     Their Feelings.

2.  Engaging Cooperation.

3.  Alternatives to Punishment.

4.  Encouraging Autonomy

5.  Praise

6.  Freeing Children From Playing


7.  Final Review. 

What the "Siblings Without Rivalry"

Group Workshop Sessions Cover:​

1.  Helping Siblings Deal With

    Their Feelings About Each Other.

2.  Keeping Children Separate 

    & Unequal.

3.  Siblings in Roles.

4.  When the Kids Fight.

5.  Problem Solving.

6.  A Final Review. 

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